About Me

Hello! Most people know me as Atlas, but I also go by DarthSithaca. I have been singing

Commissions: OPEN

Where to contact: Discord or Twitter
Payment method: PayPal (alternatives in Policies)
Response time: Within the day
Delivery time: 3-14 days (willing to deliver faster for $1)

Minecraft Skin Pricings

  • Minecraft skin: $5

  • +1 variation*: $1-$3

*Price varies depending on what's requested, starting price is $1
I will not make a variation for a skin I haven't made
I will make...
- Human(oid) characters
- Blood/wounds
- Kemonomimi (animal ears/tail)
I will not make...
- Anthropomorphic creatures
- Skins that are used for offensive purposes

Voice Acting Pricings

  • $.15 per word

  • *$.10 per word (for friends)

*Minimum of $5 when ordering.Scripts over 250 words will be charged an additional $1 per 100 words (not including the previous 250).You will receive a maximum of three takes per line. If you'd like more, that will cost extra.Basic audio balancing will be done by me. I am not a professional audio engineer so do not expect anything more.I will not voice act...
-18+ content
-Controversial topics (IRL)
-Excessive profanity/adult content

Transcription Pricings

  • Audio only - $.07 every 10 words

  • Video - $.07 every 15 words

*Minimum of $1 when ordering.You must have the audio/video you want transcribed in .mp3, .wav, .mp4, or .MOV.Additional $1 per minute of audio if you want verbatim (sound effects) transcribed.


1. I reserve the right to refuse service.2. You will have 3 days after I send the commissioned work to let me know if there are any minor ERRORS on the commission or SLIGHT adjustments you'd like made.
2.1. I will judge what is considered a minor change or not depending on my availability at the moment.
2.2. Altering the work after the 3 days are over is prohibited. Please speak to me if you'd like anything changed and we will negotiate.
2.3. If there are an excessive amount of changes requested I will ask to discuss it verbally in order to speed up the process.
3. Payments will be made through my donate PayPal tab. Alternatives are available.
3.1. Tips are optional!
3.2. The payment method and the payment itself must be made before I begin work.
3.3. I will accept Discord Nitro OR Steam/game gifting as alternative payment.
3.4. If you are available for "trade" (art, design, etc.) then we may be able to exchange, but this is the LAST resort.
3.5. You must specify what you intend to purchase and what any extra money is intended to be used for. (Ex. $7 = $5 MC skin + $2 tip)
4. I reserve all rights to the commissioned work.
4.1. You must not steal or claim my work as your own.
4.2. Profiting off of my work is prohibited and a fee must be paid if you are going to use it for commercial purposes.
4.3. Using my work for any discrimination, hateful campaigns, etc. is prohibited.
4.4. I am allowed to share the commissioned work publicly unless stated otherwise.
4.5. You may not share the commissioned work received. If you'd like it to be for public use, ask me beforehand.

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